Bushbabies Adventures and Group Accommodation Venue
Futululu Caravan Park - Bushbabies Adventure Futululu Caravan Park - Bushbabies Adventure Futululu Caravan Park - Bushbabies Adventure

Bushbabies Eco-Educational Adventures, at Futululu Park in St Lucia, Kwazulu Natal, specialise in eco-educational activities, school excursions as well as a wide selection of camp programmes, including programmes for veld school camps, adventure camps, leadership camps and sport camps. Futululu Park  is the perfect place to take your school for a veld school camp, or take your youth group for an adventure camp or leadership camp.

Our Environmental Centre at Futululu Park offers:
Futululu Caravan Park - Bushbabies Adventure
  • Comfortable accommodation for up to 80  learners or students
  • Separate private accommodation for leaders/educators/staff
  • Male/Female ablution with hot water
  • Fully functional kitchen(for self-catering option)
  • Big Hall
  • Beautiful garden setting with shaded lawns
  • Swimming pool
  • Obstacle course
  • Volley ball court
  • Playing field

We focus on providing an environmental educational learning experience combined with fun in the sun activities and the opportunity for young children to experience nature first hand.

Provide opportunities for learners(all ages) / students / educators to:

  • Enjoy a unique, hands-on environmental experiences
  • Create a forum for discussions around experiences of the day
  • Foster an environmentally-friendly approach in their own lives
  • Use teambuilding and communication games and activities to help build self-esteem and life skills
Bushbabies Futululu Caravan Park - Bushbabies Adventure
Some themes are listed below:
Futululu Caravan Park - Bushbabies Adventure
  • Food chains and energy flow
  • The water cycle. How and why we must save water!
  • Nutrient cycles
  • Inferences to habitat, habits and predators are discussed.
  • Adaptations of plants and animals to'the environment.
  • Adaptations to changing water levels
  • The role of water in organisms
    (land, fresh & saltwater etc.)
  • Man's relationship with the environment
  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide cycles
  • Why we have nature reserves?
  • Culture and the environment
  • Importance of wetlands
  • How do various ecosystems differ (land/estuarine/marine)?
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